Event Types


Live Shows

I'll keep you updated with details of all my performances, so PUT ON THOSE SHOES and meet me there! You have a good time. I have a good time. That's what motivates me to keep performing!

SOULcial JAM (Facebook LIVE)

I'm bringing the party to your pocket! When you see this on the calendar, you don't wanna miss it! This is where I like to debut new content, experiment with other local artists, answer questions and just get real with you!

Secret Street Show Game

Let me say thank you with this giveaway game! Here's how to play:

I'll announce in advance a time and location for a street show, along with a codeword for the day. 

Be the first person to say the codeword in person and get a small prize as a token of my appreciation for your support!

If no one wins, I'll just add the prize to the next round, and it'll keep getting bigger and bigger until someone wins it all! Let's play!

Special Events

I would love to help make your special event magical. Shoot me an email on the contact page and let me know how I can serve you best!

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events.